Forklift Batteries

As in independent supplier of forklift batteries from the world’s leading manufacturers we are able to provide a complete solution for all forklift battery requirements.

Traction Batteries

We are able to provide a complete solution for all traction battery requirements.

Forklift Battery Chargers

We are able to offer help and advice, on all aspects of battery charging, and our service engineers are able to repair and maintain all types of battery chargers in use today.

Filling Systems

Topping accessories provided by us include filling guns, deionisers and pressure reducers.


We also stock a huge range of parts for all you power needs.  Click here for a full list of parts.

Charger Remote Display

For applications when a remote charger display is necessary.

Hydrogen Gas Detectors

Available in two models, Hydrogen Gas Detectors protect battery charging rooms and other locations where motive and stationary batteries are present.  The HGD monitors hydrogen gas levels and activates operating alarms and exhaust fans.

 Spill Kit – Perforated Foam Pad

Perforated foam pad protects and prolongs the life of your drip pans.  Pad available 30″ X 150′ in size and must be used with acid neutralizer.
Note: Sorbent ordered separately.

Battery Spill Kit – Spill Kit 6

Battery Spill Kit – Spill kit 20

Battery Spill kit – Spill Kit 55

Battery Spill Kit – Spill Kit Cabinet

Water De-ionising System

The Deioniser System purifies water straight from the tap and includes a purity light which monitors the system’s status.


The Hydrometer reads the specific gravity of a battery to determine the state of charge.

Flip Top Vent

The Flip Top Vent provides an easy way to fill a battery. Simply flip open, fill-up then snap shut.

Battery Emergency Station

The Battery Emergency Station includes the complete with accessories including: Portable Eye Wash, Protective Kit, and Cabinet Spill Kit.

Battery Emergency Stand

This Battery Emergency Stand is a portable stand with modular design that allows you to add an array of safety product to meet the demands of your facility.  Designed for easy accessibility, the BES allows you to organize critical safety supplies at one location.

Shower Eye Wash

The Shower Eye Wash utilizes a shower valve of 1″ IPS chrome plated brass with a stay open ball valve, actuating arm and pull rod.  The eye wash unit has a self-regulating flow control with gentle spray, float off dust cover and filter.

Portable Eye Wash

This Portable Eye Wash is a high density, green polyethylene 16 gallon tank with full flow nozzles.

Pedestal Mounted Eye Wash Station

The Pedestal Mounted Eye Wash has a stay open valve with self regulating control.  A float off dust cover with filters is included to help eliminate debris from the water for added protection.

Eye Wash Station

Wall-Mounted Eye Wash has a self-regulating flow control with a gentle spray.  Open ball valves, filters and float off dust cover are included.

Personal Protective Kit

Cable Management – Magnetic Cable Mount

The Magnetic Cable Mount is a convenient tool that safely secures battery cables preventing cable damage and clutter.

Cable Management – Cable Retractors

The Cable Retractor utilizes a heavy duty spring with safety chain and includes a restrained for added protection.

Other Products

Other products that stock include battery handling equipment, battery monitoring systems, battery maintenance contracts, battery and charger surveys, dc-dc convertors and stand-by battery systems.

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